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Happy Birthday to me I am 57 on Monday the 23rd of March. 

The crest of the year is upon me I refuse to admit to my decline.



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Going home to a past I never knew and adjusting to the uncertain future before me.

My father-in-law  was born almost 80 years ago in a small village in Northampton, son of the Manor’s Bull minder in a thatched house near the main road.  Educated in a Free school built in 1624 AD.  Father of a son and daughter.  I took these photos for him.

Southern England holds a fascination for me. I feel at home among the English.  I like being exotic. I noticed people stopping on conversations edge to listen to my southern drawl and smile. Here in New England, my new home the contrast is stark and viscous. I had hoped that things would go as  easy  here than in Texas.  It’s really hard to fit in. Rather than feeling exotic, I feel like an interloper. Customer service in the north is an unheard of concept among locals in the college town we are in. I’ve even had discussions with locals about their distaste for the college and students, complaints about the well maintained beautiful brick structures and classic architecture.  Confusingly, the income and existence of the town depend on the interaction provided by the students and faculty.

But thoughts are things! I must adjust and learn to deal with the negativity that I perceive, learn the nuances of communication and thrive in this foreign place that the gods have brought me to.

I have uploaded photos from the Village of Weekley that I took last week in the UK  


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Puddles were everything to me as a child, magical places that existed and then were gone. I can still see my face peering over the edge of a puddle and meeting myself for the first time. “hey that’s me in that reflection” I remember thinking, or whatever words a small barely verbal child would think. I got the first good look at myself. Now nearing 60, I’d like to spend more time on rainy days reflecting on my life and making some sense of it all. If I can.

It’s my own journey,  I could always make time for a little company.

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