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I castigated myself for driving past him, I knew he was dead, I could tell by the splayed legs and extended neck. If it was a cat, dog or one of the wild animals in the Wrentham forest that I drive through each morning after work I might have given it a second pitiful look. But, never would have turned back to make sure. Turtles are different they hold some profound resonance with me.
They are the only animal I will rescue from road injury. I say that, I have stopped to deliver a human stop to birds left in writhing pain too damaged to save. Killing out of kindness. Never agreed with the statement philosophy, none the less I see it’s wisdom.
I drove past and turned around to check on him he was truly dead, and mournfully peaceful his spirit having passed on his injury was apparently internal. His carapace held up I can only imagine that he died of compression from the weight of the auto that rolled over him pressing him to death. Poor thing, he was about fourteen inches across, as I make it near sixty years old making he and I colleagues; Having been born around the same time. I wondered if I would fall to the same pressures that crushed my wild albeit dead companion of the misty morning.
I’m off to work again and will finish these morbid thoughts, don’t worry, like every other time in my life it has a happy surprise twist for the positive change of events. ;o)


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The house we are renting leaks, but it doesn’t rain on us. We live downstairs above the poorly insulated basement. Very cool in the summer. Winter in Boston, not so good. I walked the dog down to the Franklin Library, the very first public library in America, to return a DVD of Harry Dresden. That I conveniently forgot to include last night on my way to work.

I noticed several houses near me were wrapped up like Christmas packages with a rainbow of colored tarpaulins Blue, yellow, black. Some of them looked like they were rush jobs, a few drycleaner bags held in place with duck tape and bricks placed haphazardly along the rooflines to secure the flimsy makeshift tarps. “what the hell?” was my first reaction, then I wondered if this was yet another arcane northern ritual, like all of the fire and police cars driving through town and neighboring townships with lights and sirens a blare on fourth of July parades. Bloody racket went on for hours.  Thank god for the Doppler effect. Then I spotted the reason. Shingles that only a few months before lay deep in their snow encrusted winter wear. The weight of one infinitesimal ice crystal unit flopped upon thousands, millions of brothers and sister flakes the decimation they can do damaging the shingles on houses.

How one small ripple effect cascades to rivulets that pull brittle shingles from tarpnails holding them securely guaranteed;  I’m sure by reputable roofers in the area. How one tiny incident of a billionth of an ounce can make it all happen. Reminding me of an explanation of Chaos theory my old Geology professor. “We’ll, something had to be the first; or nothing would ever happen.”

But how does Harry Dresden, the Detective and Kaballa chanting Wizard have in common with snowflake damaged roofs? It’s the unknown, and the cascading effect that has brought me here today.

 Last installment, I placed a target on my back, unloading trucks for a local Bigbox and applying for damn near every job that I found in two states. Well, I figured, if you can’t move energy one way, do it another.  There is a pride one has in having a job, even lowpaying minimum wage jobs of Americas’ vast working poor. when I looked at the bruises on both arms, breasts and knees from catching boxes and being scolded for improperly facing cans of soup and children’s sandals in spec with the Plan: An obvious failure in their eyes. Incompetent and slow minded. Humbling really, putting back into the environment I fought so hard all of my life to escape and now having lost the primary skills of one to one correspondence and keeping ones head down to avoid the lash. Now those crappy technology call center jobs didn’t sound so bad after all. But this is about moving energy wasn’t it.

Didn’t take long, I have about 275 resumes out. I’m on the second round of two now. One training technology, I do love teaching and the other a TSA officer at the airport. One gets me out of poverty, one gets me back into the industry and doing something I love. Here’s hoping I get the one I love, it pays the most and I feel at home.

A song by the Roaches comes to mind.

“Please, Mr sellack can have my old job back?
I won’t be mean to the customers when they want to
…. Send their burger back, and I’ll even clean the steam tables,
if you’ll just give me my old life back.”

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