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I am looking at the smooth glass and steel buildings, buses and mass transit rolling across the horizon, and tight focus of talking heads that passes for local news. It all looks like home. Cities share commonalities of the commons. The faces and crazy behaviors in the news and news casters alike. I’ve been here too long. so long in fact the news spots are starting to sound less insane. The family that rejoices that that they get to keep 6 pit bulls in a neighborhood. The 18 wheeler wedged in the living room of the guy who happens to be a trucker himself laughing that he is homeless after 35 years. “what are you gonn’a abot it? I feel bad for the guy drivin’.” Or the woman who was accosted at the buss stop, but waited until the third day of harassment to phone the cops. Will I ever adjust? Probably not. But it is getting easier.


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Well, here’s the stripped side-of-the-road-chest-of-drawers previously owned by the young, dope growing teenager. I haven’t finished it, however, my plans are to paint pumpkins or witches on it and take it to Salem and try and flog it off in a shop down on the quay. My latest plan to make some cash and make up the lack of having a real job.

I was thinking that pumpkins look good on the oak, but witches could be marketable in Salem. I wanted to keep the bureau. But, we do not have room in our apartment and the piece is not quality that we would like to keep. It has impressed Russ with my ability to know a good piece of furniture under the muck of years and abuse I don’t have the workroom or tools to do the veneer justice on the two places that need extra attention. One is a chip out of a drawer, a splintered and poorly glued repair on another. Finely a small initial K has been carved in the top. I have sunk a two bottles of isopropyl and a can of stripper which will cover three or four next pieces that I drag home in the future. Other than that three or four hours of my time stripping and sanding the pig.
I can make it an unusual find for someone. I am torn between sinking more money into the project or slamming out a kitchey magical decoupage one of piece to enrich someone else’s life. Just need to finish it this weekend and get it loaded in the Mini SUV and into some shop.

So far I have begun to sub in the local school district. I wish that I had started teaching in a grade school many years ago. If it was one like the wealthy, predominantly white neighborhood that I am in now. There are three instructors per 18 students in a room. It is an embarrassment of riches when I think of the students in Dallas schools who have to share dog-eared books if they are lucky enough to even have them and exhausted burnouts with 32 + students per room and some holding classes in converted janitor’s closets.

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