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This week, I have avoided my ethics essays by puttering around the house. I have lost a few thousand dollars worth of savings bonds somewhere in the rubble of my home. I checked all the usual places, the boxes under the stairs, the Tax wallet, the old tax returns, in the little tin box with an Angel on it that they lived in for so long. Now I could use them. Damn it their gone. I checked the “Magic trunk”, the one that holds the renaissance costumes we wore to Scarbourgh Faire in Texas. The mediation books and statue of Buddha left over from my husbands’ “Buddhaist” days.

I checked there because well it was the last place to look. I could say it elves, or thieving trolls. They sat on the bookshelf for over a year before I put them in a safe place. Nope, not in the underwear drawer: Just thought I’d check again. Where is my safe place? Well, that’s sort of the issue on a much broader scale isn’t it. I’ve had the Mayonnaise go missing and a few other things like eggs disappearing from the ice box nothing expensive or anything I wouldn’t give away, or that my husband just wouldn’t own up to taking. Then I use to go out to the garage and throw away a box of his junk when my ex-husband would piss me off. Trust me he never even noticed.

But I was talking about Liquid Nails wasn’t I. Great stuff fixed half the house this week while Russ was in China. I fixed the weaselfingers, a contraption sold on late night infomercials, that I use to get stuff off the top shelves and the refrigerator. Glued my Frames holding my various diplomas and duck taped a Ganesh, the elephant god of India to my Monitor, just for good luck. He is god of mediation and ethics (I can use all the help I can get on this class). I glued the knobs back on the cabinet door in the bathroom. The hat on the broken figurine that is just too cute to toss out, glued the heck out of a piece of furniture I rescued off the side of the road with filigree falling off. Man it was really bad I had second thoughts about putting it in the car.

It was amazing how happy it made me. A broken piece-o-crap left by the wayside. Now a second piece of art to be in the line of Pumpkin patch furniture artwork to be unveiled later this summer when I get around to finishing the graphics. I learn so much about forgotten artistry when I rescue stuff from the side of the road. The filigree was intricate and made of grey putty. I managed to save all but the one on the front of the piece. Which I successfully swapped with one from the back. You guessed it Liquid Nails and a little duct tape were my tools. That and the 300 dollar Japanese kitchen knife that Russ bought me a few years ago. When I was making good enough money. But, you won’t mention that to him, will you. You’re a champ.

Ethics is kicking me in the  amygdala. Mostly because I am just tired of dilemmas that have distributive possibilities. This ethics class is forcing me to forget everything I know about problem solving I learned in studying mediation, and in the real world. I really wish I could find my old logic teachers hand typed/photocopied/self published manual on how to deconstruct arguments.

I’m sure that I will find it somewhere in a box duct taped for safe keeping, that has the savings bonds tucked safely away.


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