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Mother, I have lost my fear
my sense of awe
the inner connectedness of you.

Once, I knew who I was
my center held
I knew I was your child.

Now, in this long summer
my inner spark has diminished
and I long for the warmth of your embrace.

According to Wikipedia, Lughnasadgh is an Irish festival to honor the death of Tailtiu, mother of the hero/god Lugh whose soul was so pure that he shown with celestial light. Being a good Texas girl, this time of year always makes me a little depleted from the heat. I often decide to start new things, gain a sense of direction. This year not so much. That longing for a new path is there. But this time I don’t have the sense of direction. I feel I’ve been plowing with a dull blade, leaving parched crooked rows in my wake. If I were to imagine those rows of exposed earth. They’d be parched brown in an endless field of thirsty yellow grassland. I am alone and the plow is heavy. It all seems useless. I hear myself say. “Only a fool keeps doing the same thing over and over without success. Yet there is no place to go, nothing else to do. No shade trees to cool off under and little water in my canteen. I see a wandering single cloud that passes bringing a brief cooling shade. The feeble breeze seems less parched by the summer sun. It gives me a moment to reconnect with the land, the plow beneath my hands and my reason for preparing the land for what is yet to come.
Plowing now is less a problem. Although, I have no seeds in the barn for late planting, and nothing would grow if I did. I imagine Pumpkins in the spring, and rows of corn, beans and squash all planted in concert to bring back nutrients to the soil, to my soil, to my life. Back into the circle of life.


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When under stress most people tend to look for divine inspiration as Americans, Jesus gets the call. Today I wanted to channel the archetypical patents of Ganesh the dancing remover of obstacles the god of mediators and saint of issues that present a need for difficult  decisions. A god of complexity and the complex choices  that our complex lives require.

So I watched a little Bollywood and created a poster for Ganesh.

Best advice; leave it there to dissolve in the path, knowing that the divine changer of paths is doing his quantum-level best to change the outcome.

“ To carry home with us the same problems, fears and worries would be to take back the offering we have given the Deity to dissolve.” Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami


Dancing god Ganesh

Shloka to Lord Ganesha from the root scripture of all denominations of Sanatana Dharma, the Vedas.

Aum shuklambaradharam vishnum
Shashivarnam chaturbhujam
Prasanna vadanam dhyayet
Sarva vighnopa shantaye

Aum, attired in white and all-pervading,
O moon-hued, four-shouldered One
with smiling face so pleasing,
upon You we meditate
for removing all obstacles.

Names of Lord Ganesha, Ganapati Ganesha names starting with Alphabet A
Akhurath = One who has Mouse as His Charioteer
Alampata = Ever Eternal Lord
Amit = Incomparable Lord
Anantachidrupamayam = Infinite and Consciousness Personified
Avaneesh = Lord of the whole World
Avighna = Remover of Obstacles
Ganesha names starting with Alphabet B
Balaganapati = Beloved and Lovable Child
Bhalchandra = Moon-Crested Lord
Bheema = Huge and Gigantic
Bhupati = Lord of the Gods
Bhuvanpati = God of the Gods
Buddhinath = God of Wisdom
Buddhipriya = Knowledge
Buddhividhata = God of Knowledge
Ganesha names starting with Alphabet C

Chaturbhuj = One who has Four Arms

Ganesha names starting with Alphabet D

Devadeva = Lord of All Lords
Devantakanashakarin = Destroyer of Evils and Asuras
Devavrata = One who accepts all Penances
Devendrashika = Protector of All Gods
Dharmik = One who gives Charity
Dhoomravarna = Smoke-Hued Lord
Durja = Invincible Lord
Dvaimatura = One who has two Mothers

Ganesha names starting with Alphabet E

Ekaakshara = He of the Single Syllable
Ekadanta = Single-Tusked Lord
Ekadrishta = Single-Tusked Lord
Eshanputra = Lord Shiva’s Son

Ganesha names starting with Alphabet G

Gadadhara = One who has The Mace as His Weapon
Gajakarna = One who has Eyes like an Elephant
Gajanana = Elephant-Faced Lord
Gajananeti = Elephant-Faced Lord
Gajavakra = Trunk of The Elephant
Gajavaktra = One who has Mouth like an Elephant
Ganadhakshya = Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
Ganadhyakshina = Leader of All The Celestial Bodies
Ganapati = Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
Gaurisuta = The Son of Gauri (Parvati)
Gunina = One who is The Master of All Virtues

And there the prayer for peace…

Peace Invocation

A Prayer for Peace and Clarity
intoned to begin and end teaching sessions,
meetings and other group activities.
Krishna Yajur Veda, Taittiriya Upanishad2.1.1

Aum saha nAvavatu,
saha nau bhunaktu,
saha vIryam karavavahai,
tejasvinAv adhItamastu,
ma vidvishAvahai,
Aum shantih, shantih, shantih.

Aum, may He protect us. May He be pleased with us.
May we work together with vigor. May our studies
illumine us. May we have no contention or hostility
between us. Aum, peace, peace, peace.


Ganesha names starting with Alphabet H
Haridra = One who is Golden Coloured
Heramba = Mother’s Beloved Son
Ganesha names starting with Alphabet K
Kapila = Yellowish-Brown Coloured
Kaveesha = Master of Poets
Krti = Lord of Music
Kripalu = Merciful Lord
Krishapingaksha = Yellowish-Brown Eyed
Kshamakaram = The Place of Forgiveness
Kshipra = One who is easy to Appease
Ganesha names starting with Alphabet L
Lambakarna = Large-Eared Lord
Lambodara = The Huge Bellied Lord
Ganesha names starting with Alphabet M

Mahabala = Enormously Strong Lord
Mahaganapati = Omnipotent and Supreme Lord
Maheshwaram = Lord of The Universe
Mangalamurti = All Auspicious Lord
Manomay = Winner of Hearts
Mrityuanjaya = Conqueror of Death
Mundakarama = Abode of Happiness
Muktidaya = Bestower of Eternal Bliss
Musikvahana = One who has mouse as charioteer

Ganesha names starting with Alphabet

Nadapratithishta = One who Appreciates and Loves Music
Namasthetu = Vanquisher of All Evils & Vices & Sins
Nandana = Lord Shiva’s Son
Nideeshwaram = Giver of Wealth and Treasures

Ganesha names starting with Alphabet O

Omkara = One who has the Form Of

Ganesha names starting with Alphabet P

Pitambara = One who has Yellow-Colored Body
Pramoda = Lord of All Abodes
Prathameshwara = First Among All
Purush = The Omnipotent Personality

Ganesha names starting with Alphabet R

Rakta = One who has Red-Colored Body
Rudrapriya = Beloved Of Lord Shiva

Ganesha names starting with Alphabet S

Sarvadevatman = Acceptor of All Celestial Offerings
Sarvasiddhanta = Bestower of Skills and Wisdom
Sarvatman = Protector of The Universe
Shambhavi = The Son of Parvati
Shashivarnam = One who has a Moon like Complexion
Shoorpakarna = Large-Eared Lord
Shuban = All Auspicious Lord
Shubhagunakanan = One who is The Master of All Virtues
Shweta = One who is as Pure as the White Color
Siddhidhata = Bestower of Success & Accomplishments
Siddhipriya = Bestower of Wishes and Boons
Siddhivinayaka = Bestower of Success
Skandapurvaja = Elder Brother of Skand (Lord Kartik)
Sumukha = Auspicious Face
Sureshwaram = Lord of All Lords
Swaroop = Lover of Beauty

Ganesha names starting with Alphabet T

Tarun = Ageless

Ganesha names starting with Alphabet U

Uddanda = Nemesis of Evils and Vices
Umaputra = The Son of Goddess Uma (Parvati)

Ganesha names starting with Alphabet V

Vakratunda = Curved Trunk Lord
Varaganapati = Bestower of Boons
Varaprada = Granter of Wishes and Boons
Varadavinayaka = Bestower of Success
Veeraganapati = Heroic Lord
Vidyavaridhi = God of Wisdom
Vighnahara = Remover of Obstacles
Vignaharta = Demolisher of Obstacles
Vighnaraja = Lord of All Hindrances
Vighnarajendra = Lord of All Obstacles
Vighnavinashanaya = Destroyer of All Obstacles & Impediments
Vigneshwara = Lord of All Obstacles
Vikat = Huge and Gigantic
Vinayaka = Lord of All
Vishwamukha = Master of The Universe
Vishwaraja = King of The World

Ganesha names starting with Alphabet Y

Yagnakaya = Acceptor of All Sacred & Sacrficial Offerings
Yashaskaram = Bestower of Fame and Fortune
Yashvasin = Beloved and Ever Popular Lord
Yogadhipa = The Lord of Meditation

Also see 108 Names of Lord Ganesha, Shri Ganesha Ashtottara Shatanaamavali


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