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Frost Moon -2011

Frost Moon – 2011
Listen to the clarion calls of sacred geese flying south.
Pulling the blanket of the season’s change in their wake
revealing the flaming leaves of autumn over the landscape.

Their fluid reflections floating on the calm surface of the mountain lakes.
Autumns’ brisk winds stir the lookingglass surface of those waters
revealing the rocks and lower depths of seasons’ meanings.

Our understanding of those watery depths  leads to changes of perceptions.
The changing landscapes of that watery world reacting to the years tidal changes.
Mirroring our inner shifting thoughts and feelings with the seasons.

Vague interpretations forming in the kaleidoscopic images created
by our fears, aspirations and projections in those deep inner waters.
It is a time to drink in the autumn seasons’ healing.

Objectivity is the found in the whisper of winds through the reed beds.
Seeing clearly the reflections created by the ripples of misspoken words,
misunderstood actions hidden wounds , the sediments of miscommunication.


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