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Peace , freedom and finding a job

Freedom, that eternal red, white and blue flame in my heart has been evaluated and coped with and wrenched into several shapes since I came to the East Coasts. Freedom is not what it’s cracked up to be when you don’t have a job. You remember those. Jobs real ones, with benefits, vacations, Real Healthcare and Dental plans that actually pay out for dental work.  It’s not that I’m not working. I’m working my butt off. Literally, I’ve lost 30 lbs this year and I’m a stress eater.

Peace, Activism and working with the downtrodden without getting caught underfoot. Like a moth to a flame I have been drawn to the subtle side ofBoston’s Peaceable kingdom. It has been the most spiritual awakening of the many sequential spiritual dawns in my 60 years. Sometimes the freedom of thought, movement and essence of peace overwhelms me.  I found there is too much to volunteer for here. The “Great Work for the Greater Good” is always underfunded.

I am working at a safe house for women survivors of abuse. It bothers me to call them “Battered women.” Like these women should come with fries instead of their often barefoot two year olds and far too often fractured psyches.  I love the work. I never thought anything would top being an academic advisor for underserved populations. I loved my suspension students, and jail house scholars. My only regret has been not realizing I’d make a pretty good therapist sooner.  For all of the discombobulation in my life I am thankful. It has pushed me to make changes and overcome challenges that have refined my skills and self awareness in ways that rival, sweat lodge visions, and hours of silent contemplation could never have done.


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