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I know that the knee flex reaction is to  build US vs Them rhetoric. However, I don’t think it is healthy. I think its just the blinded flip-side of oppression. Without the central focus being the WE dialogue the situation remains a bi-polar argument that perpetuate the violence.

I said this is in response to Arundhati Roy’s quotes on a Facebook post shouting down with the oppressive establishment. Yes, o best beloved, there is oppression at every turn. It was one of the things that bothered me with the peace marches in the late 60’s against Viet nam war. Hostile words to   fight against the hostilities of war. I have no answer to the bi-polar rhetoric of either side. only a belief that there must be another way.

I know only what my life and remarkable journey in this life has taught me. starting with the  child hood memory of holding my ears and wishing for the screaming to stop. Wishing for the get backs to be over. Wishing to have a normal family like the ones on TV. I believed they never existed, or that we didn’t deserve one anyway. Not like the people who worked for it. The ones with college educations and had no idea on how to get one of those. They were for rich people, not poor smucks like us.

Well, now I know that education is attainable, not affordable, not for most people. I would have loved to have a normal life. Rats! if I had a normal life I would be different person that would be no fun at all.  No time for wool gathering today. In the words of Hazart Inayt Khan, “Pick not flowers on the path, they will detain you. but greet them with smiles along the way.”

How this moment of brilliant self indulgence came out of reading a hostile speech by an activist got warped in to my pity party who knows, or cares. “Better out than in, I always say.” Shreck  … and this is only Tuesday, wish me luck, I may have a job interview.Sad when a few dollars more can make such a difference.

BTW I got the job




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