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The Whale Shaman.

“Whalebone and love.” The mother of the sea spoke softly to herself as she cast her handful of pebbles, bones, and wishes. She tossed the handful of pebbles and bones gently pulling her hands away quickly letting the cascading pebbles and bones fall on the patterns incised in the wet sandy beach. The tide was rising and would soon put an end to their game.

“No! My turn.” Croaked the winds. “Two stones and chaos.” He said in a mischiefs tone.  Winds hands wove wildly in the above his head rattling the runes of destiny. He blew into his cupped hands invoking an ageless gamblers habit.  His hands spreading like birdwings tossing the odd assortment of  bones and pebbles skyward. His hand faring only a little better, one stone falling inside the delicately carved circle in the sand, the other landing on the line marking the circumference of the circle with the spine of the whale vertebrae over shadowing the pebble. Not a safe omen. “Once more, for luck.” urged the mother of the sea to her lover the ageless winds of change. “They will need it” was his reply.

With those words Moshup awoke from his troubling dream. I must be ready for the golden wave, the tipping point, an event that like an untethered boat riding the cresting waves of change. It is free, and has no chosen outcome, like his dream, nature takes a gamble with the great world mother throwing great whalebone dice in their game. Calling out the proposed outcomes as they play, naming the changes in midair. Relying on the answers found in the falling dice. Ageless wind was right. This is not a good omen.

This is the intro to my next story that takes place off of the island of Noepe, now known as Martha’s Vinyard.


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