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I have learned a lot about ebay, 1. it’s addicting, 2. you can buy dirty socks (I could have lived without figuring that one out.) 3. I can conjecture psycho socioeconomic standing, and even life challenges. Such as Your kid is going off to college-getting married, You just grew up and don’t think Def leopard is cool anymore. You are a shopaholic and that’s why buyer’s remorse has you selling off a peck of your clothes that still have the tags on them. You were stuck with cleaning out granma’s digs when you sent her to the nursing home and my favorite…. You just filed for divorce, and needing to get rid of the hunting lodge Cabella surplus Love the Bear holding the toilet paper and the Moose Antler bedside lamp, the singing bass alarm clock and Bear sitt’n in the woods toilet seat. I’d dump him too.

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