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I remember childhood as bittersweet

I remember someone saying no matter what happens in your life, when you remember your childhood, it’s always sunny. I remember childhood as bittersweet. The candy we ate was always sugary and plentiful an it looked like something. I ate wax coke bottles full of sugar-water, wax lips that tasted like strawberries and chocolate soldiers.  Chocolate bars and Cadbury eggs that show up in stores around Easter with pastel colored marshmallow peeps. Candy for innocent times. I just ate NERDS, a sickly sweet, but too sour for words.

I guess thing change with time, racing through the endless summers, too short winters and emotional highs and lows of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000. It’s all gone by so fast. Now, 2013! I’m how old?  I think of much less things now. I worried about the universe for forty years or more. Now I just worry about staying healthy enough to live on my own as long as possible and hope the world changes for the better, so I’m not turned in to Soilent Green.


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