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I dreamed I was married to Kevin Bacon

… and he was a spy. not just any spy, an undercover one on a trip to China. We had a great apartment concrete blocks painted thalo blue grey and Chinese red in geometric swathes with glass and minimal Ikea furniture.  There was a Lucy Lu woman living with us and I could never figure why.

Until one day she tried to kill us. We jumped on a moped and drove into a dust storm along a road that was battened off for expansion. We made it through the storm finding shelter under a new overpass being installed by workers. Kevin manifested a huge professional camera that looked like a spotlight painted  and started filming the guys on the scaffolding and acting goofy and annoying. It wasn’t long before a woman cop threw him against the wall and roughed him up.

I was begging for mercy for him. She slammed him into walls a few times until one of the walls was revealed a canvas faux front. It was an opening that lead to a vault like door into a blue apartment that looked like a seedy bunker. with Blue and pale yellow walls. It was a blown cover action that covered his trails. Apparently, she’d missed the opening.

Our neighbor Joe from Kentucky was sitting on a bench at a picnic table covered with a cheap plastic  blue and green floral pattered  table cloth drinking coffee. He was Kevin’s handler.

It was a vivid dream. I felt like I’d been to Total Recall.  I wouldn’t mind the apartment. Right now, our own anything would be  nice.







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