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excuses not to write

started a book, did I tell ya that, can’t think of why not. I’ve told everyone else. The thing I hate most is the feeling of being 20 minutes away from being able to start something. Like cleaning the kitchen so I can work on the kitchen table. Cleaning the fridge before I can go shopping and learning how to write, making my way through the obscene stack of books I have on how to become a winning author.  

yep I can piss around and not read those too. I find myself, looking at food adds, well I am hungry, but a dr apt in the morning has nixed that, tonight anyway. 

and looking for jobs… yep gotta get one another 20 minutes to create account then log in to another website.

well it’s 3:34 am and I need to rest …. hummmmm.  


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new phone trial

This is the test of my own personal stuff


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