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Yeah, Some days it’s like that.

Theater 3 was a small independent theater group in Dallas that produced the works of Isben and off Broadway. I remember a scene that has stuck with me these past 35 years since I saw it.

The scene is lit in spotlight, a sharp contrast to the dark empty stage,  two men one bleeding, is begging to die. Satan as protagonist,  has just broken the spirit of the heroic actor Bob, yet in a moment of weakness, the father of all injustices finds heart, and rebuilds the courageous, broken hero by instilling within him  an ability to trust his own inner truth. Satan sharing his bottle of Jack Daniels with the hero, pats Bob on the back, and sends him back into an impossible situation, where Bob will of course be victorious.  Satan sits on a stump that emerges in the brief glow of victory off stage,  tilting his face at an odd sideways angle, wipes his forehead with a blue plaid handkerchief exclaiming

“Hell of a job, Hell of a day.”

“One hell of a day. You did a good thing” replies and angelic voice off stage.

“Maybe, Maybe not.” Satan swigs his bottle of Jack Daniels and the house goes black.


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